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Street Food In Italy Cuisine


Italy’s culinary landscape is a feast for the senses, renowned for its exquisite flavors and vibrant street food culture.

Street Food Markets In Turkey-


In the bustling alleys and vibrant markets of Turkey, Street food markets in Turkey-cityinfood a culinary adventure.

Meaty Street Treats Of India-


India’s culinary landscape is renowned for its rich flavors, vibrant spices, and diverse culinary traditions.

Street Food Culture In Delhi-


Delhi, a city that never sleeps, is not just the political capital of India but also a gastronomic haven.

Mumbai Tastiest Roadside Treats-


In the bustling city of Mumbai, the aroma of spices and the sizzle of grills blend harmoniously, creating a street food

Tasty Bites On The Streets Of Chicago-


If you are looking for street food, your search ends here at Tasty Bites on the streets of Chicago-cityinfood.

Our Recipes

Kheema Pav Recipe-Cityinfood

Delve into the heart of Indian street food with this enticing recipe for Spiced Lamb Kheema Pav.

Vada Pav Recipe-Cityinfood

Mumbai’s iconic street food, Vada Pav, stands as a flavorful emblem of the city’s rich culinary tapestry.

Traditional-Style Biryani Recipe-Cityinfood

Bryani, a delightful culinary creation, seamlessly blends the rich heritage of Mumbai's street food culture .

Egg Rolls Recipe-Cityinfood

The enticing aroma and crispy texture of egg rolls make them a favorite among food enthusiasts.

Bhel Puri Recipe-Cityinfood

Embark on a culinary adventure as we unravel the vibrant tapestry of one of India’s most beloved street foods –

Instant Crispy Dosa Recipe-Cityinfood

Embark on a culinary journey as we delve into the intricacies of mastering


Our Speciality


Unveiling Bangalore’s Local Delights-Cityinfood

Before we dive into the mouthwatering details, let’s understand what Bangalore Food Street is all about.       

Roots Of Kolkata Street Food-Cityinfood

Exploring the rich tapestry of Historical Roots of Kolkata Street Food-cityinfood Kolkata’s culinary landscape .

Savoring Rajasthan Street Eats -Cityinfood

Let ready to tantalize your taste buds with the vibrant street food of Rajasthan! From crispy kachoris to Savoring Rajasthan  

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